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BEI Payroll 1.0

Create and manage payrolls for companies
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Berghoff Enterprises, Inc.
Creates a database containing your employees' names, their regular salaries as well as their bonuses. Calculates deductions, tax rates and keeps the information secure with a password.

BEI Payroll is a free and extremely simple software program designed to assist you to generate and manage the payrolls for your company's employees. It works through a built-in database where the information corresponding to your employees and their regular and bonus payrolls are stored.

When you run the program, you have to introduce a username and a password. A couple of them are provided by default, but you can change them or add new users later. The program basically consists of a simple 4-button menu allowing you to access all the program's modules. The first of them, "Tables", shows a sub-menu offering you other buttons for managing general payroll-related aspects, like Deductions, Tax tables, Security (for managing users and passwords), and also an option for maintenance, that allows you to re-index and back up the database.

Another option in the main menu is "Employees", which allows you create, edit, and delete your employees' records, and even the payrolls themselves. You can save information for your pay checks, too. Finally, you also have access to the "Reports" menu, allowing you to generate different kinds of reports for a specific month, quarter, or for the entire year. This program has no documentation, except for the built-in help.

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